but I will make it my business to find out. I will ask you about your most meaningful relationships, your greatest successes and most pressing concerns. I will seek to understand what really matters to you: your family and friends, your business and the people who work with you, your current realities and hopes for the future. Because I believe that in superior financial security planning, good questions outrank easy answers.

but I am privileged to work with people who do. I continually draw on the collective expertise of my partners in Qualified Financialís Wealth Strategies Group, including lawyers, accountants, and other professionals in the areas of strategic financial security planning, tax minimization, wealth creation and estate preservation. Because I believe that my value to you is not in making wholesale recommendations, but in making sense.

until we have both developed a thorough understanding of your most important values and priorities, and a relationship of mutual trust. I will provide a structure to our discussions that will enable us to correctly identify where you want to go, and the leverage to get there once we have agreed to travel this road together. Because I believe that success in business is not about making the sale, itís about making a difference.